Generic Overview

Shippings are responsible for calculate the cost of a model that implements the Bazar\Contracts\Shippable contract.

The Shippable Contract

The class that implements the interface must implement the shipping method, where the relationship is defined between the model and the Bazar\Models\Shipping model:

By default, the Bazar\Models\Order and the Bazar\Models\Cart models are implementing the contract.

use Bazar\Models\Shipping;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\MorphOne;

public function shipping(): MorphOne
    return $this->morphOne(Shipping::class, 'shippable')->withDefault();

Shipping Address

The Shipping model does not hold the address values directly on the model, but in the related Bazar\Models\Address model.

Shipping Drivers

Bazar provides some default drivers out of the box: Local Pickup and Weight Based Shipping drivers.

Creating Custom Drivers

Registering shipping methods works almost the same as registering gateways methods. All custom drivers should extend the Bazar\Shipping\Driver class, which holds one abstract method: calculate().

Note, the name is guessed automatically from the class name by default. If the guessed name does not match the desired one, you may specify your custom driver name using the getName() method.

Let's create a simple driver as an example:

use Bazar\Contracts\Shippable;
use Bazar\Shipping\Driver;

class FedexDriver extends Driver
    public function calculate(Shippable $model): float

Now, let's register the driver using the Bazar\Support\Facades\Shipping facade:

use Bazar\Support\Facades\Shipping;

Shipping::extend('fedex', function ($app) {
    return new FedexDriver(